Novels have entertained people for centuries and there are millions of them available in every language on the planet. While I haven’t written a novel yet, I have two planned, and I also have a large project planned that is of novel “length” but wouldn’t quite be considered one by the traditional definition. However, for my purposes, I am considering it a novel project.

Stigma Schmigma


Mental Illness StigmaEveryone with a mental illness has experienced it at one time or another. Some people encounter it on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter how often or how severe these experiences are, they are not okay and they need to be stopped the world over, because mental illness is seen the world over.

What are these experiences? Stigma.

What is stigma? It’s stereotypes or discrimination based on mental illness. And, once again, it’s not okay.

This is a collection of “stories.” Each story will follow an individual with a mental illness, and there will be varied illnesses and varied severities, who has encountered stigma. We will learn their story, then what stigma they encountered. But not just that. We will also learn how they OVERCAME it.

If you have a mental illness – whether self-diagnosed, recently diagnosed, or you have been diagnosed for a long time – it’s time to know that you, too, can overcome the stigma you face every day. This book will show you how others have done it so that you can have the confidence to face it as well.

Stop living in the dark. Be who you are. And don’t be ashamed of it.

NOTE: This is a project for Camp Nano in April 2017, so you will likely see a lot of updates on it in the blog. I hope to have a lot of cheerleaders as this project is very important to me!