Writing Portfolio

I have been writing most of my life. And before I could write, I was still making up stories. Not just like most children do either. This was something I did every day, and every night, and I knew that they were stories. I knew that this was a fun thing for me and that it entertained people. I wanted to do that.

Doing this also entertained me, especially as a child.

I have amassed a large portfolio of work at a site called Writing.com. I will link to specific stories, poems, etc. from that site on various pages here, but if you would like to see my entire portfolio (including the blog I have there that has a bit more personal information about my life than the blog I have here), please click on the icon below.

NOTE: Some of the items in my portfolio may require you to register (for a free account) to view them, but not all items are set to this option. You may also want to set up a free account to try the site out for yourself!