Writing about your personal life can be hard.

  • It can be hard to relive the events that you are retelling (if it’s a not-so-good event).
  • It can be difficult to overcome the thoughts you think others will have about what you’ve gone through.
  • It can be tough to talk about the people that experienced or caused the events that you went through because you don’t know how they will take being “outed” if your work were to be published.

There are other things that can keep you from putting pen to paper or hands to keyboard but for any writer, it’s important to share important events in your life, whether they be good events or bad ones.

My Own Memoirs

I am working on several memoirs at the moment and I hope to have them ready in the next few years. I always have the fears that I’ve outlined above but I really push myself to get the events down clearly, while also making sure the readers understand my own emotions and how the events changed or shaped my life.

My Struggle with Mental Health

This is a big one for me to write. Honestly, I don’t think it will ever be done, because the struggle will always continue, but I want to write it up to the point I am now, and then continue writing to a point where I know I am stable and where I know my path in life.

My Life with a Pedophile

It’s hard for me to admit still, even though this man has been dead for several years and I put a stop to what he called a “relationship” and was more like brainwashing when I was 21. It started when I was 11 and he was 38. A lot happened in those 10 years and I want to make sure I write them accurately as well as write them in a way that shows my inner pain. I lost my childhood.