Heard From an Editor: Do I Really Have a Chance?

Heard From an Editor: Do I Really Have a Chance?

As you will learn, I am a very active member of Writing.Com. I not only post my own writing there, but I also review the writing of others there as well. I have learned much from the reviews of others and I have learned much from reviewing others. But there is more to the site than posting your writing and reviewing. There are activities, like auctions and raffles that other writing sites don’t have, as well as contests that most traditional writing sites do.

Well, I haven’t entered a contest on the site in ages and a friend on the site posted an “ad” for one that they particularly loved that wasn’t getting a lot of entries each month (it is a monthly contest) and was in danger of being shut down by the host because of lack of interest.

I had never written in the “horror/scary” genre before, and that was the genre of the contest, but I felt like I should give it a shot. I wanted to challenge myself to write in genres that I hadn’t written before anyway, and this was kind of “there” so, “Why not?”

My usual genre of choice is romance, leaning toward the erotic (if not outright erotic), so of course my horror story had those elements as well. When the judge of the contest reviewed my entry, he said he really enjoyed it and he even gave me a link to an e-zine that had accepted a few of his horror pieces before they turned “horrorica” only, and he said that he thought my piece would fit well with their new audience.

I gave the piece I submitted an extra edit (or two) and even expanded a bit, and I submitted it to the suggested e-zine. I hadn’t submitted any of my work in ages and I honestly didn’t think I would hear anything back at all. However, I heard back in just a few days and I was SHOCKED! I heard from an editor!

They really feel that the genre of my piece fits well with their publication; however, they’d like me to work on character development and details. The structure and plot is there though, it just needs a bit more. But! I’ve NEVER heard back from ANY editor from ANY publication before. I’m just ecstatic that I’ve heard something and that someone is interested!

I am definitely going to be working on this piece more over the next few days to a week to really make it shine the best I possibly can and then I will resubmit it to them. So, do you think I have a chance with this editor? Because I really, really, REALLY hope that I do!

Wish me luck!

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