The Whys, Whats, and Hows of a Great SEO Strategy
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Whys, Whats, and Hows of a Great SEO Strategy

If your business is a newcomer online, you may not know all about SEO or why investing inĀ an SEO strategy is important. If your business is growing rapidly or is fairly large already, you probably already know but don’t have the time to really think about it. However, taking the time now to develop a strategy with someone who can help you create a working plan that is perfect for your specific needs will pay off in the long run.

What is “SEO?” SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s a way of making sure that your website can be “read” by the search engines so they know how and where to place you in the rankings. Of course, you want to be as close to the top of those rankings as possible, if not in the number one spot.


Let’s look at the reason’s why having an SEO strategy for your online business is so important:

Why Have an SEO Strategy?

  1. The myth that “SEO is dead” is… well, it’s dead. Organic SEO is not dead at all, and these strategies to boost your spot in the rankings do work. In fact, these strategies aren’t going to stop working anytime in the near future because people rely so heavily on search engines to find the information they need online. The algorithms that the search engines use right now work well to get those people what they need. Why change?
  2. Using an SEO strategy is cost-effective. Even if you have someone manage your SEO for you, like post regularly to your blog, do your keyword research, make sure other blogs and sites are backlinking, and various other things that all relate to a solid strategy, this will cost pennies compared to what you would pay to get the same traffic to your site through ads. Plus, once an ad campaign is over, the traffic dries up. If an SEO strategy does what it is supposed to, all of those keywords and backlinks and and all that time spent getting your site to rank high on Google will still be there even if you don’t have your SEO strategist anymore.
  3. It used to be that everyone had to use a desktop computer, or at least a computer tied to a physical location, to search for something. So, SEO strategies were targeting that. However, people carry the internet around in the palm of their hand these days and with this modern miracle also came the whole new world of local SEO. If you have a brick-and-mortar store and also have an online presence, you can customize your SEO strategy so that you are targeting a specific location. This wasn’t available even a few years ago.
  4. You know your competition down the street? Chances are he has an SEO strategy. And do does your other competition a few blocks over. If everyone else is taking a chunk of the market by making themselves more visible, why not you?


What Does a Solid SEO Strategy Look Like?

An SEO strategy will look different depending on the industry you are involved in, the size of the company, and even how you want to brand yourself, so there is no one answer for this question. However, there are some things that every strategy is based on:

  • The goals of the business
  • Their target market
  • Keywords that define their brand, market, persona, etc.
  • How they want to network both online and offline
  • Creating a mobile-friendly website (whether they have that brick-and-mortar store or not)
  • Other things can/will be added as necessary

There is just one rule that every search engine absolutely has to see, however. You must, must, MUST have fresh content on your site regularly and it must be done right. That means posting at least once a week and making sure that you use keywords appropriate to your industry or business that are laid out in your SEO strategy within that content.

Now come the “hows”…

How Do You Create an SEO Strategy and Stick To It?

If you know enough about the current SEO algorithms and you have the time to both plan out your strategy and stick to your calendar then I recommend doing as much as you can yourself. It is always best when a business-owner can be as involved with their company as possible, or at least has to contract out as little as possible. After all, you know more than anyone else about your business so who else would know best how to market it online?

However, there are freelancers who do this for a living and who are willing to apply their knowledge of SEO to help you create a winning strategy. All it takes is getting to know about you and your business, doing market research so that the strategy can be created on a solid foundation, and then getting to work creating blog posts, press releases, social media content, guest content for other websites, and everything you need to make sure that your presence online is positive and that your site gets as much traffic from the search engines as possible without having to spend a fortune on ads to generate it.

I would love to offer these services to you and I have a lot of experience doing these very things for several other clients. Please feel free to Contact Me and we can start the discussions about just what your business needs are and how I can help. I look forward to hearing from you!

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