8 Benefits of Blogging for Businesses & How I Can Help
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8 Benefits of Blogging for Businesses & How I Can Help

Being seen on the internet is vital to the success of any business these days. Where once you only needed an ad in the paper, then you needed a listing in the phone book. Just like times changed then, they have changed drastically now. The large phone books that took up a drawer in your kitchen or desk are now accessed online or from a mobile phone, and most of the time people want to see that you have a website to visit from those online yellow page listings.

Google and other search engines are also now replacing the online yellow pages. You can simply search for the business type and location you are looking for and everything you need pops up. But what if you don’t have a website? How much business would you be losing out on if people couldn’t find you quickly and easily online? And how can adding a regularly updated blog to your site improve your rankings in the search engines?

Let’s look…

Increased Search Engine Traffic

By having an actual website – with a blog – you are ensuring that when customers search for you they won’t just find a listing to your brick-and-mortar storefront on an online yellow pages site. They will find your website with actual information about your business and what they can expect from you. A yellow page listing – whether in a book or online – won’t tell them any of that. If your website also has a blog, your blog posts will tell them even more about your business, what you do, your products or services, the people involved, and perhaps even your customers, than the basic pages of the site.

Personalize Your Company

As mentioned, your website’s blog can contain a lot of information that a simple website would not normally cover. Because of this, you can give a personal touch to your company. Use it to relate to the customers, or potential customers, that visit your site. They will appreciate that they feel you are reaching out to them as people and not just as another sale. This is only one benefit of blogging for businesses, however.

Support Social Media

Any business blog should be linked to social media so that the company can promote the blog posts. People who see the business on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms can share, comment, and more, leading to even more exposure as the people in the circles of those people see your blog posts, and if those people share, then the circles of those people see them as well. And, on and on it goes. You can even build you social media presence by making sure that people know you are on social media platforms with links to them on each post you make.

Build Authority

The landing pages of your website may describe your services, tell your consumers about your company, and about how to contact you, but it cannot help to build confidence that your company is a reputable, knowledgable, and trustworthy business. Through blog posts, you can build that confidence. Each post you make about the industry shows your customers that you are active within it and you know about its various ins and outs. You also show – in more depth – that you know how to provide the products and services of the industry.

Better Conversion Rates

A website tells the customer what you offer for products and services. But what if you could communicate in a better way why they need them and include a “call to action” that will get them to pick up the phone and call or even get them to hop in the car and head down to your store? You can with a blog. Soft selling blogs increase conversion rates and will pay for the time and effort put into regularly updating that blog with high quality content time and time again.

More Leads

Because you will be getting more traffic to your site through the search engines and through social media, you will also generate more leads. However, it is simple math that the more pages your website has – and each blog post is a page – the more chances you have for exposure and traffic to your site. It has been shown that the more pages your site has, the traffic and leads generated by the site grows exponentially.

Communication with Your Client Base

A website without a blog leaves little room for you to communicate with your customers other than to have them contact you through a contact form or to reach out to you through the contact information you provide. A blog, however, allows your customers to comment on each blog post and you can also respond to each one publicly, creating a conversation that even more potential customers can get involved in. Engaging in conversation with your customers not only personalizes your business, as discussed earlier, but it also leads to increased conversion rates, also discussed above.

Show Activity

Search engines will place websites that have been recently updated or that show more activity toward the top of the rankings. A static site won’t go anywhere in the rankings once it’s published, however a site that includes a blog that is updated fairly regularly will show activity and will go farther up in the rankings. This is especially true if the posts that are published utilize a strong SEO strategy.

How I Can Help You Reap the Benefits of Blogging

If you’ve read up to this point and you’re ready to add a blog to your business’ website but you’re nervous about what topics you will blog about, you don’t know how to begin keyword research, or you just don’t know where you will find the time to blog regularly… I can help.

I would love to learn about the industry you work in – if I don’t already know about it from personal or professional experience – and I want to know about your business in particular so that I can tailor my services to meet your needs. Then I can do research on the organic SEO strategies that will best help you when blogging on your business website. Once we have a strategy in place we can create a schedule. Would you like your blog updated once a week on Wednesday mornings? Or maybe more often; perhaps three times a week? The length of the posts also needs to be discussed and I can talk to you about what is common for blogs in your industry and what the pros and cons are of shorter and longer blog posts.

I offer free consultations to find out just what you need to start seeing the benefits of blogging regularly for your business. Please Contact Me and we can set up a time to email, Skype, or talk on the phone regarding your business’ needs.

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